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The Manchester Project

Is a registered Non Profit Organization 501(c)3. We are dedicated to Spreading ALS(Lou Gehrig’s Disease) awareness, Raising Funds for, viable and leading edge, Treatments for ALS through our Outreach(Bringing pALS to entertaining events), Gifting programs and Continue to educate our ALS Family which will allow our pALS(people with ALS) to live happier and more productive lives UNTIL A CURE IS FOUND.

Leap 2BFit

The Manchester Project” is gifting these Products to any pALS(person living with ALS) that want to try for 2 Months. We have currently gifted over 300 pALS and, after a recent survey of pALS gifted, %51.7 have reported slowing of progress or improvement. This Supplement is not a cure! Some Restrictions may apply.

​​​Introducing LEAP2BFit™ v3.0 LEAP Just Got Even Better!
LEAP is formulated with 39 nutrients. With v3.0 LEAP2BFit™ now includes 8 branded* ingredients, high grade botanical extracts, highly bio-available vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help improve health and wellbeing at the molecular level. LEAP’s ingredients provide the basic building blocks to the body, including many that have a beneficial effect on genetic function. Epigenetics provides the link that explains how many nutrients work in the body and why they are important for longevity and wellbeing.

*Vegan Friendly

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